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LAST UPDATED 14.11.2023.

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Any attack on the words of these pages (and links) herein, whether it be directly or indirectly, by those whom these words speak of or by their agents or any instrument of theirs, will receive a thousand times what they gave to others, and the plagues and miseries they unleashed upon others, will abound in them.
“And I will lay the dead carcases of the children of Israel before their idols; and I will scatter your bones round about your altars.” Ezekiel 6:5 KJV

- in case you really need sources:
Researchers plan to retract landmark Alzheimer’s paper containing doctored images
Whistleblower Lifts the Lid on “False” Alzheimer’s Research
Billions of Research Dollars May Have Been Wasted Due to Fraudulent Alzheimer’s Study

- so next time some braindead retard says trust the science send them or images/links above and ask them, how can it be that two most cited papers about alzheimers and stem cells get retracted after 18 years and multi-billion dollar investments into those fields that are based of those papers turn out to be complete total fraud?

- all doctors and academics are the biggest sociopathing life rejected retards on the planet who dont know anything and have no knowledge you can apply in real life, most importantly they will never conquer anything in their worm life

- some fatherless subhuman worm that wasnt raised and loved properly will steal this guide as his own and try to take all the credit for 1+ year of daily research i slaved through to combine all this into short,simple,easy to follow tips/guide asking absolutely nothing in return, it happened in the past with other things i shared, its innevitable to happen again, i dont care, i know more than you can possibly imagine. the only purpose of this guide is to shatter npc hiveminded ego and destroy sociopaths, making doctors butthurt is just a bonus

- this guide requires AVIF supported browser (Firefox recommended) and is best viewed on desktop PC with 1080p resolution or higher

- i made this guide for you, yes you, every single person that reads this guide, if i kept all of this for myself i would be on same level as sociopathing subhuman worms that keep things for themselves to feel superior and special while consuming and harming the world around them to stroke their own braindamaged ego

- i will add more things when i feel like it, so bookmark this url and check it frequently for updates

- i dont work for life extension or any other brand, retards who are claiming i'm a shill are just egocoping or paid pharma shills, in any case, ignore them

- pretty much everything in this guide is very easy to follow & understand, it all comes down to basic non-deceived common sense

- this is the most important guide you can possibly read, not just for your health but for your entire life, you have two choices,read understand every word of it including the links to guides/papers/blog posts or stop reading right now and close this tab, without reading the entire guide you will not take the correct dosage and lack the understanding why u need that dose/pill, or you can just do exactly as i say and take these pills with the exact dose/amount i state

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- everything in this guide operates on several dozen layers of pure madness and schizophrenia, all of it undeniably true nonetheless, if you feel it is beyond what you can grasp and accept in your life then you can still walk away, as immortal technique would put it: "universal truth is not measured in mass appeal"

- dont forget to share this guide with others, on social media, real life, chat apps etc..

“And life confided the secret to me: behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra


- the reason why you want to be healthy is not to LARP with selfies on instagram but so that you stop dragging yourself in half-sleep state through life, not only that but health reduces time and massively improves results of any action that requires thinking/physical activity, that includes learning, practicing, thinking, working, studying, performing in pvp game, aiming, recalling, understanding, running, making money and especially sleeping better

- you also need to snap yourself out of having blind faith in most NPC profession there is, doctors, and you need to stop seeing them as guardian angels with supernatural powers, they are legal drug pushers and the worst part is that drugs dont even work, they treat the symptoms not the underlying root cause, and those drugs come with 20+ different side effects, and they expect you to develop tolerance to prescribe you stronger doses for more profit

- also stop having faith in blood results and indicators they show, all of that is flawed, for example less than 1% of magnesium is found in blood, not only that but things revealed on meme blood tests as very high actually require more supplementation, example being calcium, if body requires calcium it will leech it from bones and use blood to transport it where it is needed, and retarded doctor will prescribe you calcium blockers to lower your calcium instead of prescribing you calcium supplements so your body stops leeching it from bones

- if you are too much of a subhuman worm NPC with blind optimism and faith in authority, stop fucking reading studies because you believe everything that fits your current emotional state/worldview and discard anything that would destroy it, all studies linked in this document are simply examples and not arguments with appeal to authority or """ science """, if you cant use objective common sense to figure out "yeah, people would lie, cheat, steal and kill millions of innocent people for their own profits in billions of dollars(as was done in the past with DDT, smoking, leaded fuel, mercury fillings, teflon, and many more mass murders...) then stop fucking reading sources and studies

- there are a lot of studies out there that are ghostwritten(pharma rigs the study then pays academics/doctors $10k-$20k+ to publish under their name in meme journals and academic cucks always take the money since they can only shitpost in their circlejerk peer review academia because in the real world no one wants to hire them for proper salary due to how weak, insecure and pathethic they are to conquer irl) with goal to cause FUD(fear, uncertainty, doubt) in you about taking specific supplements or making healthy life changes(such as using flouride free toothpaste), don't fall for it, remember, trillions of dollars are on the line here, it's not a problem to pay even millions to rig studies and post news about those studies in top news articles and medical journals(good example is over 70% of all advertising on television is bought by pharma companies), another good example of this is : , obviously if few grams of vitamin D3 @ 99.99% purity costs ~$3 and that amount lasts for 30 years under daily dosages of 20k IU/day then pharma cant sell you drugs on which they make at least 100-200X markup as pure profit, as pic below shows..

- i beg you to send this to as many doctors as you know, just to make them butthurt and seethe, they are the biggest retards without any cognitive ability, just raw memorized textbook reciting, plus all the made up expertise where they jerk off to latin names for diseases and instead of addressing the root of the problem, they make up 50 different meme names to sociopath their patients as if they are smart, pathethic

- another reason is because you will stop feeling tired, bored, fatigued and lazy, and you will be able to live to 500%++++ of your current potential, being healthy doesnt mean being some gym larper that takes selfies for instagram, it means being a 10x better version of yourself at everything you do, with ease

- high performance health is hard to achieve and requires discipline and effort, especially as you start fixing your health, but very easily destroyed through sin and temptation of "just one bite of chocolate" and other retardations such as "meh i dont need this pill, it doesnt make much of a difference", yes it does, especially once you combine everything together and benefits add up, human mind/brain/body is a far more complex system than what you can imagine

- if you want to feel great you need to stick to taking these pills on a very strict schedule, daily, for the rest of your life, if you cant do this then this guide isnt for you and you should neck urself this very moment, i thank you personally for not reproducing, remember at all times: DEATH IS QUALITY CONTROL

- a lot of people recommend vitamins/minerals listed here but they dont tell you which brands to buy, and how much to take, the "recommended daily amount" is minimum amount most of the time and not even close enough in cheap brands

- ignore all twitter/blog eceleb fitness/health LARPers that are just sociopathing to build an audience in order to shill their products/worldview to, they are all retards who sociopath using comfortable lies to people who want to feel better than others with some memorized oneliner gym-bro health tips, especially Bryan Jhonson(vaccinated npc with moderna), these people will never find the truth because they cant accept that everything is built upon lies and deception for mass profits by pharma companies and everyone else

- ignore retards who have never performed at a high physical and mental level in anything

- ignore health "experts" who tell you comfortable lies, especially youtube gurus, the difference between "EMF bad" and "there is no safe level of man-made modulated EMF radiation" is literally life and death, so no, they can't say that because that would wipe out 99% of their audience they are sociopathing to build, what they can say is safe comfortable lies to build it

- if truth about health was ever made official 99.99999% of all products and services you see today would disapper and their company value would go to $0, so no, it will never happen officially that some authority figure will state that wireless EMF radiation is not safe at any level because entire telecom industry would go to 0, same for food, plastic bottles that leech estrogen and dozens of other toxic chemicals into drinks would all disappear

- for some fucking ego stroking reason every retard on ADHD meds has their own blog to feel "enlightened" and superior to others where they write 5000 useless words to convey 5 words of meaning while sociopathing their "trust me bro" with 1000 different """ studies """ (of which 95%++ are hard rigged for money or citations), all of those people are retarded, including Ray Peat, why? because they cannot face the cold hard truth which is found when one completely destroys his own belief system and exits blind optimistic thought process under which they fully believe that other humans are not evil for trillions of dollars of profit, insanity to seperate yourself from 99.999% of subhuman worms is required to find absolute truth, examples of blogs include: lesswrong, gwern, nearcyan blog and many more life rejects, pretty much every retard who has some meme name for healthy life such as "longevity"

“An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity, a physicist tries to make it simple, for an idiot anything the more complicated it is the more he will admire it, if you make something so clusterfucked he can't understand it he's gonna think you're a god cause you made it so complicated nobody can understand it. That's how they write journals in Academics, they try to make it so complicated people think you're a genius” ― Terry Davis, Creator of Temple OS

- this document is written using as short as possible one line notes, no one wants to read 500 words that make up 50 layers of obfuscation for a single sentence, except retards who read without purpose for knowledge but instead get off to ego stroking(especially goodreads users), and LARPing writers that write just to shit out as many words and paragraphs as possible, this is also the reason why all books are bloated to 300+ pages when all information in them could be said in 50 pages or less

- all of the beneficial effects of things mentioned here and any other regarding health are reduced to near zero if you do one or more of the following:

Daniel Hirsch, Professor of Nuclear Policy at the University of California–Santa Cruz, calculated that the whole-body cumulative radiation exposure from wireless meters is 100–150 times more than cell phone exposure. When utilities say that the emissions are low, less than a cell phone, they are using the time-averaged amount, not the actual amount being broadcast at a given moment. In fact, the amount given out in a single burst can be 200 times the stated average.

- yes, you are reading this right, EMF damage (which is nonionizing) from phone during 24H of usage/exposure is same if not worse than 1600 chest x-rays

- and since so many life reject subhuman worms cope with "it's non-ionizing", i have to put this line here, every single mechanism, every single cell, neuron etc in a human works on electricity and electricity only(read book "The Body Electric"), so it doesn't matter that this radiation is non-ionizing, it is modulated and waveformed to transmit data, digital signal pulses have far higher peaks than natural analog non-ionizing EMF, your brain has voltage gated calcium channels, it has magnetite, your skin has helical antenna which have insane levels of EMF conductivity. the effects are not "ionizing", they are disrupting every cell and every mechanism in your electric body, imagine it as if a light saber with millions of different patterns of its edge slashes through you, damaging every single cell in your body, multiple times, 24/7

A one-time exposure to an ordinary cell phone for just two minutes causes albumin to leak into the brain. In one set of experiments, reducing the exposure level by a factor of 1,000 actually increased the damage to the blood-brain barrier, showing that this is not a dose-response effect and that reducing the power will not make wireless technology safer. And finally, in research published in June 2003, a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone, just once during its lifetime, permanently damaged the blood-brain barrier and, on autopsy 50 days later, was found to have damaged or destroyed up to 2 percent of an animal’s brain cells, including cells in areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory and movement.1 Reducing the exposure level by a factor of 10 or 100, thereby duplicating the effect of wearing a headset, moving a cell phone further from your body, or standing next to somebody else’s phone, did not appreciably change the results! Even at the lowest exposure, half the animals had a moderate to high number of damaged neurons.
Inward calcium leakage in the neurons of the brain stimulates hyperactivity..resulting in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)…When this happens in the brains of unborn babies and young children, it..can cause autism.” (Goldsworthy) In adults, it can cause electromagnetic intolerance, also called electro-hypersensitivity or in severe manifestations, Radio Frequency Sickness Syndrome. “The inward leakage of calcium ions..also opens the various tight junction barriers in our bodies that normally protect us from allergens and toxins in the environment and prevent toxic materials from entering sensitive parts of the body such as the brain. The opening of the blood brain barrier has been shown to cause the death of neurons and can be expected to result in early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Human cancer cells grow twenty-four times faster than cells that haven’t been exposed to EMFs and show greatly increased resistance to destruction by the cells of the body’s defense system. ― ZAPPED book by Ann Louise Gittleman

- this is your neurons dying and synapses being destroyed by EMF, the "fatigue" you feel is exactly that, your neurons dying in real time as you are beamed

According to Olle Johansson, PhD, associate professor in neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, our bodies are subjected to one quintillion times (that’s a 1 with 18 zeros behind it) more electromagnetic radiation today than we were a decade ago.

- results above show how much exposure to EMF damaged brain of mice, as you can see, 60 days of exposure nerfed their brain so much that in a water maze their latency went from 5 sec (no EMF exposure control) all the way up to 60 seconds, 12X increase, and this was under non-modulated/pulsed radiation which is far more harmful, they were beamed using analog continuous exposure, not only that, EMF radiation braindamaged them as much as possible, it made them retarded, if you look at circles that tracked their pathing you can see 60 days exposure mice basically bruteforced every spot in the maze to find an exit, that is 25% of them were so braindamaged they didnt even find the exit..

- rats were exposed for 2 hours a day for 2 months, source for above study:

- above image only shows the most dangerous scenario where you place your phone/earbuds etc.. near your head, which is like holding a plutonium next to your brain, EMF is very dangerous even at 100m away, and even up to 10km+ away from you

- above image is taken from:

- the above is all based in actual reality with over 100 years of research in physics/biology and electrodynamics, if you dont believe me i dont care(it is not my opinion but research of thousands of non bribed scientists, actual ones not "trust the science" worms), i didnt make the universe nor humans to schizo this out, it's undeniable that electromagnetic radiation is the most harmful thing to your brain and body(which both work on electricity at levels dozens of orders of magnitude lower than what ur exposed just from one device 100m from you)

- the reason nobody told you about it is the same reason cigarettes, DDT, petrolead, alcohol were released to the public; money, billions and billions of it. "telecommunications services revenue worldwide would grow from $2.2 trillion in 2015 to $2.4 trillion in 2019." so if even 0.000000001 uW/m2 of radiation is harmful those $2.5 trillion [2,500,000,000,000] of revenue would go to 0. thats why news and media wont report it and google says its false, because they all make millions of dollars in profit from NPCs using their wormed down phones instead of pcs that are too advanced for them. google owns android and chrome and guess what, you cant install adblock on chrome for android to block ads like you can on pc in 3 steps, same goes for any other app on your phone that has ads. sure you can root the phone to block it or use a blocking vpn but thats too advanced for 99.99% of worm cattle on this worm planet

- use shipito ( to forward things to your location in case some brand/shop doesn't ship internationally or to your location

- buy exactly these brands from locations listed in this document, i don't care about other dogshit scam brands, supplements are not a regulated market, at all

- these brands are more expensive than others because of high quality, no starch or other fake potency claims, no toxic extraction methods, no heavy metal contamination and a lot more

- just because you dont feel anything within 5 minutes of taking supplements doesn't mean they are not working, it takes time to repair damage done through years to your health and especially your gut in order to absorb things properly, especially since you were defficient for so many years, and poisoned by hundreds of things for just as many years

- and no you sociopathing egoistic liberal leftist tumor virtue signaling hiveminded worm, stop coping that the world is perfect from your blissfull ignorance delusion and accept nature didnt take care of your worm life to provide you with all of this unless you eat 350 lemons a day just to get enough for daily vitamin c intake, food is dogshit as you can see from the pictures below

- another thing i have to mention is fake rightist larpers with their just eat well ancestors diet, your ancestors are all dead, their food and nutrition was pathethic, there is no food on this planet that can give you proper daily amount of even a single mineral, especially in modern times, back then your meme ancestors only had good things because their knowledge was near zero so everything was perfect in their worm pathethic brain

Food/Soil Deficiencies

- it's pointless to take any sort of "nootropics" or ADHD meds(Adderall,Modafinil,Ritalin etc..) if you lack basic vitamins and minerals, which 99.99999%+ of people are defficient in, you are only damaging your body by forcing it to operate on a level of performance it cannot

- you already have a brain capable of healthy high performance logical reasoning that can focus for 10h+ a day given to you by evolution, unfortunately it was never maintained properly through environment and nutrition to be able to perform as it should since everyone on this worm infested world is selfish sociopath unaware of mass consequences their egoistic greed has on others and planet itself caused by cutting corners for max profit while bribing doctors and research studies to be "safe" for human consumption, this includes food and other things poisoning you such as sugar, flouride, chemicals in tap water, gmo food, poor air quality(CO2 above 600ppm) and much more..

deficiency of vitamins and minerals below recommended daily intake, 2007-2010 year study for young adults ~19 years old, a lot worse in 2023

- and no, it did NOT get better after year 2000, it got worse, A LOT worse

- and yes, you do need to take this many pills, welcome to reality, due to our massive progress in science we now know million times more about our body and health than we did even 40 years ago, and our environment has been exploited & polluted for profit for the past 200 years+, remember we can make cpus down to 3nm(nanometers) and put 10,000,000,000 transistors onto rectangle the size of a thumbnail

- if you end up sharing or try to help other deficient worms about their health/taking supplements, they will have a breakdown how you shouldnt be taking these pills or some other npc cope response while they dumb themselves down with emf from phone/router/wifi/eating nutella and drinking coca cola with flouride and aspartame in all of their dogshit food they consume but "tastes good", its hard for them to accept they believed in their own lie of being healthy for years and how fucking wrong they were the whole time, near impossible to accept consequences and take responsibility for their worm stupidity

I used to think people would “figure it out” when they see the effect. But what happens in reality is that as the effects get worse, the pain from admitting you were wrong becomes greater, as the implications become more clear. Most people will go into their graves denying it. ― Anonymous
When the truth offends, we lie and lie until we can no longer remember it is even there, but it is still there. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.

Vitamins and Minerals

- taking any supplement be it vitamins/minerals or mushrooms with any other drink except water(glass stored distilled water is best) is fucking retarded(especially sodas, teas and sparkling water), not only are you destroying supplement potency to near 0, you are also destroying your gut villi preventing any absorption of nutrients from any source, food, supplements, etc.. and you are also depleting yourself of minerals since sugar and sodas deplete you from magnesium, calcium and many more minerals

- ignore retards who shill their "stack" of supplements/nootropics, they are all too retarded to realize a single supplement from good high quality brand taken in proper dosages triumphs their retarded ego stroking list of 50 different things, in all cases they are too stupid to understand healthy living environment is far more important than randomly adding 20 different things just because they read abstracts of nih med studies, pathethic

- every single "official" recommended daily intake limit of vitamins/minerals is nerfed by at least 10x, often even more, 50x, 100x, if people were healthy they wouldn't need doctors, it all comes down to mass profits

- take all supplements with meals, never on empty stomach, except for vitamin C, which is okay to take without food

- dont leave your supplements exposed to sunlight,heat or humidity, especially not on your desk, store them in a cold dark place otherwise they will lose potency very fast, make sure you always close bottles as tight as possible

- all of the pills listed below are equally important to take, start from the top and buy what you can, paying $50 a month for 30% increase if quality of life & health is worth it

- humans are the most complicated being on this planet, for a healthy long life (100+) you have to take multiple things, a car with a V12 engine is useless if it has a broken steering wheel, same thing applies to humans, if you don't do everything said on this website, you wont get the benefits of the things you are doing, no pill or supplement will matter if your gut villi cant absorb any of it, or if EMF is beaming you destroying your neurons and synapses in real time

- although there are 10+ pills to take, you have to get all of them, they all interact with eachother and are bare minimum needed to operate as a normal healthy human so you dont sleepwalk through life like a subhuman worm NPC

- you must change your nutrition, no fast food, no sugar, no sodas, no processed food of any kind, no gluten, no bread, no grains, eat only organic pasture raised free roaming (without antibiotics, hormones, etc) meat, eggs with non processed coconut oil/butter/beef tallow, when im bored enough i'll create dedicated food section


- you can learn more about insane dangers of seed oils from talks of Chris Knobbe on youtube
Omega-6 Apocalypse 2 - Chris Knobbe (AHS21)
Chris A. Knobbe - Omega-6 Apocalypse: From Heart Disease to Cancer and Macular Degeneration
Dr. Chris Knobbe - 'Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism?'

- ignore gym retards who peaked in cognitive evolution with their npc brain at a calorie is a calorie, those who say so can take a gram of plutonium for 20 billion calories since using their logic a calorie is a calorie

- what actually matters is chemical composition of calories and composition of food they come from, since that determines what those calories do to your body, or bacteria in your gut(which absorb 10-20% of calories taken from avocado for example)

- do not buy these supplements from amazon or any other general store warehouse/website, they are not stored in proper conditions and have lost all potency because of high temperature/humidty/long shelf life/moisture/dew etc..

#1 - Two Per Day Multivitamin

- take one in the morning, one afternoon

- will most likely turn your urine neon green color, dont worry about it, just excess vitamins being pissed out

- if you are from USA they have USA based site where they ship from USA for all of Life Extension products

- good starting point if you have a low budget

#2 - Omega 3 w Astaxanthin

- take one with every meal [2-6 total a day]

- make sure to get the one with Astaxanthin

- learn more why it's good at

#3 - Potassium - Life Enhancement

- take with food and plenty of water otherwise you will get stomach pain and diharrea

- take 2-3 with every meal, total 6-8 a day, depending on ur weight, 6 is a good general dose

- insanely OP for bones/muscles recovery

- most people are very defficient in Potassium since processed table salt has none and disrupts the potassium/sodium body balance

- only brand which provides proper dosage of potassium, all other brands have 90% lower dose supplements

- WATCH BOTH PARTS, thanks Emi for this potassium conspiracy video

#4 - Iodine 50mg - Iodoral/LugoTab

- make sure you start Iodine with NAC(1200mg-2400mg daily, buy it from life extension) and take it with Iodine, there is a detox reaction of all the flouride/chloride/bromide/etc and heavy metals such as mercury inside your body being released & detoxed once you take Iodine, NAC is very good for detox and will pick all of it up(it binds with heavy metals), you can also eat food high in sulfur such as soft boiled chicken eggs

However, iodine can cause adverse effects, including symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as nervousness, jitteriness, palpitations, etc., from a detoxification reaction. When this occurs, in most cases, it is due to iodine displacing the toxic halide bromine. Bromine toxicity can display all the symptoms I mentioned above.
About 3 days after stopping iodine, I woke up one morning feeling like I was hit by a bus. I could barely form words or sentences, I couldn't focus on anything and my anxiety was through the roof. I spent most of the day laying on the couch trying to convince myself that I wasn't dying.

My chest hurt and I was getting a lot of palpitations and minor to moderate chest pains. Sound, light and temperature differences affected me emotionally and usually made me feel depressed or angry as they changed. I was freezing one minute and burning up the next while wondering if I should run to the bathroom cause I'd feel like I was going to puke.

This went on for days and very slowly got better. Then finally one night, I happened to eat about 12 hard-boiled deviled eggs (6 eggs total). The next morning, I woke up and felt like 80% of the fog had been lifted, I could think and speak and all that fun stuff again. After some research, I realized that the sulfur in the eggs was most likely able to bind with the mercury floating through my blood, and the zinc was able to take up the spot mercury was knocked from.

Acute mercury poisoning is dangerous, I'm lucky and glad I found sulfur by mistake and started realizing what was going on. Over the next few weeks, this led me to realize that I've been mercury toxic my whole life via my mother's mercury fillings. I ended up having a memory flash back of her laughing and saw the mercury fillings in her mouth. Once I read about mercury toxicity and what it does to us, all the sudden, my childhood finally started making sense. I was an annoying, spastic kid that lied, cheated and stole a lot. I got sick multiple times a year and was just a negative person. As I realized this and researched some more, I started realizing I've had a lot of autism symptoms my whole life. This experience of high dose iodine knocking toxins loose caused all of my symptoms to stand out enough that I could read them very well. Now that I understand the symptoms, and have detoxed a bit, I can handle things completely differently.

- take once a day, but take 2-3 hours AFTER you took vitamin C

-before some nootropics/ ((( doctor ))) worm ego gets hurt and starts fuming how 50mg is 5000% the recommended daily allowance, read the things below, and yes you need 50mg daily

- in case some retard says you have iodine in salt, you have 74ug of Iodine for ONE GRAM of salt, which isnt even true unless you specifically buy Iodized salt, that means you would have to eat (12.5mg to mcg is 12500mcg /74ug of Iodine for 1 gram of salt ) ~168 g of salt for your daily 12.5mg Iodine intake, even then absorption of iodine from salt is like 8-10%

- "Iodine/iodide in the proper amounts resulted in increased urinary excretion of heavy metals such as lead and mercury; and had a detoxifying effect by increasing excretion of the toxic halides fluoride and bromide."

- Iodine : Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It book

- "However, recent research into the study shows that the thyroid hormone levels of the rats were not checked prior to injections."

- Some of you may have noticed that in the intro section where i posted a few studies on worldwide vitamin and mineral defficiency, Iodine is not mentioned at all, thats how bad ((( they ))) dont want you to take it, its undocumented, unlisted, unmentioned, hidden from you despite being one of the most powerful minerals you need, and even if you do find out about it, they want you to take a dose so small its irrelevant [150ug/day] instead of 50000ug/day [50mg]

#5 - Life Extension Vitamin C

- take 1-3 every 4 hours, or every time you eat, start with 1 gram and work up to 3 grams every 4 hrs

- you need to take iodine 2-3 hours after taking vitamin C, you can't take them both at same time

- some nootropics ((( expert ))) worm will say high vitamin C dose gives you kidney stones, which is wrong, and a myth by big pharma, see 3 different studies below, what your body cant absorb it will piss out

- vitamin C depletes copper in the body, make sure to get ~20-30mg/day of Copper, when i'm motivated enough to make a section about Copper i will add it to the guide

#6 - Super Bio-Curcumin® Turmeric Extract

- take 1-3 a day

- insane against flouride detox and hundreds of other illnesses

- helps against brain damage/alzheimers/stress/brain rot/and helps a lot against electromagnetic radiation

- tastes like eating dirt so just swallow with glass of water or w/e

#7 - Vitamins D & K

- take enough pills to have at least 20,000 IU a day, 40,000 IU is recommended, how many capsules depends on which product you got since EU and US have different dosages per capsule with food

- for NPC retards that say you are getting enough of vitamin D, read this

- for NPC retards that say these dosages are "toxic", ignore them, they are retarded, vitamin D is only toxic at 7,000,000 IU+ per day, and even then it's only toxic if you don't take enough vitamin K and from toxicity of contaminants in capsules, not from vitamin D itself

- around 1930. FDA and pharma industry realized how powerful vitamin D really is, so they changed the measure from micrograms to IU (international units) as to scare people off from taking proper doses with very high perceived numbers for more information about all things cured by proper vitamin D levels

- make sure you order the correct one which has 125mcg of vitamin D3 with K vitamins if you order from Life Extension

#8 - 5 Defenders by RealMushrooms

- by far the best mushrooms blend out there, highest beta glucans, no starch/fillers

- very good against EMF protection

- these mushrooms give insane benefit to your immune system/brain/skin/gut/digestive system etc..

- these mushrooms are very good at preventing and combating cancer and radiation

- learn more about them at for example Chaga

- take 2-6 every day, two at once

- 5 very beneficial mushrooms mixed inside 1 capsule

- only mushroom brand on the market with proper potency of active Beta glucans instead of scamming with mycelium and starch fillers

- will make your farts smell like shrooms, but the benefits are worth it

#9 - Ginkgo Biloba CE by Life Extension

- take 1-3 a day, start with 1, work your way up if u dont notice any effects

- helps a lot with vision/irl FOV,sharpness, makes you see in 4K res

- helps with memory/bloodflow/focus

- helps a lot against EMF radiation from phones/wifi/4g/5g/etc..

EMR = electromagnetic radiation Gb = Ginkgo biloba, this is for MDA and NO levels used to measured stress -

#10 - Lions Mane by RealMushrooms

- take 2-6 a day, at least 2 at once

- helps with brain regeneration, focus, learning, memory, calmness, mood in general(like being in a zen state of flow)


#11 - Magnesium

- take 1 a day, with food

- make sure you get the correct one from Life Extension

- rated the highest magnesium supplement by lab analysis out of all others by

- helps with mental fatigue/migranes, makes you calm, helps with muscle ache and spasms, important for bloodflow/heart

- very good against EMF radiation, blocks voltage gated calcium channel leakage which is one of most harmful ways EMF damages the brain

- learn more about magnesium at

- although this is #11 on the list, you should get is as soon as possible, especially since it's cheap

- there is a lot of life reject gym retards who follow eceleb health gurus as their idols and will preach memorized oneliners about magnesium oxide having worst absorption, just ignore them


- this section contains general health information that i cba making a seperate section for

- dont use flouride toothpaste, buy schmidts charcoal paste

- dont keep your toothbrush in area where you have a toilet, microparticles/bacteria of literal shit will end up on it

- i highly recommend organic bamboo toothbrush

- make sure to get UV sterilizer case for your toothbrush so bacteria on it dont reproduce, such as

- do not drink or shower with tap water(you absorb things 10-300x better through skin, directly into bloodstream)

- i personally use Mini Pure Classic 3 distiller( US shop EU shop, and i highly recommend that you do as well, make sure to check their youtube channel on how to install carbon filter)

- do not use any skin/care products that are not organic, soaps, shampoos, makeup, deodorants, antiperspirants etc, they all contain dozens of untested chemicals as well as very high levels of heavy metals that you absorb directly through skin into bloodstream

- don't drink tea, coffee, alcohol, beer or anything else but pure clean glass stored distilled water, i'll add more info about this later, but for now just remember that active ingredients in tea and coffee are actually plant defense mechanisms which act directly on nervous system in your gut (humans have more neurons in the gut than cat/dog have in brain..) and damage them, not only that but they are all grown with dozens of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and contain heavy metals, also for example tea bags release insane amounts of microplastics and other chemicals from heated up tea bag..

- throw away all your underwear, clothes and bed sheets/blankets which are made from nylon/acrylic/polyester, this is just a fancy name for plastic, and that plastic leeches into your bloodstream, with dozens of other chemicals in polyester, disrupts your endocrine system and feminizes males(plastic is a xeno-estrogen), woolen socks, 100% organic cotton(one not sprayed with dozen pesticides) for everything else, or cotton + silver EMF shielded tshirts/underwear etc..

- buy a CO2 meter, such as ARANET4(link), always have your windows open and make sure CO2 value is never above 600 ppm

- buy an air purifier and let it run 24/7, i use Winix Zero Pro, make sure to keep it away from yourself, at least 1 meter from any electronic device and walls, it creates a strong near magnetic field.. also make sure to read the manual

- NEVER eat fast food/takeout food, or at restaurants, no matter what level of cost, they all use tap water and maximize for profit

- above analysis is from Momsacrossamerica organization

In Stitt’s twenty-year study of inmates: parolees, criminals, and serial killers, she discovered that they all had one thing in common. It was not their socio-economic background or race. It was not whether they were black or white, rich or poor – the one thing they all had in common is that they "all bragged that they lived on junk food.” In addition, they were deficient in important Vitamins, specifically Vitamin B, which is essential for the processing function of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that is utilized in good decision-making. When Stitt removed processed junk food from their diet and they were given whole foods, the recidivism rate reversed. Instead of 70% of the inmates returning to prison, 70% stayed out of prison.